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    2014 04 29    Klaipėda’s Mayor opinion on petition for joining Russia
                        British Typhoons land in Lithuania to reinforce NATO air policing mission
                        Lithuanian PM says knows nothing about Gazprom's offer to cut gas price
                        Government okays mechanism for compensation for pension cuts

    2014 04 24   
Government discussed acquisition of shares in Lithuania’s gas from E.ON
                        US troops coming to Lithuania for permanent presence under training...
                        Lithuania's ruling parties postpone name spelling issue until June
                        Long-term forecast where in Lithuania the sun will shine and where the rain...

    2014 04 23   
Olekas Ukraine supports joint military brigade with Lithuania, Poland
                        Min of Defence US to step up presence of land forces in exercises in Baltic region
                        PM talks on Rail Baltica expected to be completed by July
                        PM Lithuania continues talks with Latvia, Estonia on Visaginas project

    2014 04 17   
2015 Lithuanian euro coin samples have been minted
                        President and Senator John McCain discussed European security
                        Lithuanian Minister of Energy discusses gas supplies in Qatar
 Edward Lucas; are we witnessing beginning of the World War III

    2014 04 16   
Russia's actions becoming unpredictable, aggressor must be stopped ...
                        Opinion It is not just about the sanctions
                        Name spelling bills postponed until May
  Lithuanian politicians call on EU, NATO countries to arm Ukraine

    2014 04 15   
PM sees Rail Baltica coordinator's statement as pressure on Lithuania
                        EC warns Lithuania over demand to include Vilnius into Rail Baltica
                        3 more parties in Lithuania registered for EP elections
                        We shouldn't focus on washing dishes when house is on fire – Lithuanian...

    2014 04 14   
Russia's actions alarm Sweden
                        Construction of Lithuanian LNG terminal goes smoothly - PM
                        Lithuania condemns separatist activities in Ukraine
                        Lithuania to buy extra radar for Belorussian border

    2014 04 10   
Latvian ministers support establishment of pan-Baltic television channel in Russian
                        Moscow to rule on fugitive banker Romanov on Thursday
                        12 fighter jets to guard Baltic airspace as of May
                        E-voting possible during 2015 municipal elections

    2014 04 09   
Roma education improving in Lithuania
                        Swedebank Lithuania doesn’t expect tough EU sanctions for Russia
                        Lawyer- Russia released Romanov
 NATO increases Baltic air policing

    2014 04 08   
Baltics still at odds over Rail Baltica
                        EU deputy president- anticipated voter drop in EP elections is -alarming
                        Grybauskaitė leading presidential race
 Lithuanian court bans broadcasts from Russia's RTR Planeta

    2014 04 07   
By annexing Crimea, Russia has withdrawn from UN – Landsbergis
                        Fashion historian- Lithuanians are inherently modest
                        MP Kubilius proposes law on non-recognition of Crimea's occupation
                        Užupis is a better version of Montmartre

    2014 04 04   
Lithuania’s Prime Minister EU’s probe into Gazprom operations ‘has not been shelved’
                        Prime Minister Baltics, Poland to apply to Brussels for money for Lithuanian-Polish...
                        Belarus actively develops its Nuclear plant project - Lithuanian Ambassador
                        Lithuania stands pretty good chances to adopt Euro – Šemeta

    2014 04 03   
Lithuania, Poland happy with NATO reaction, Warsaw wants NATO base
                        Lithuanian Prime Minister tells Polish PM national minority law will be adopted soon
                        Lithuania doesn't agree to Estonian, Latvian conditions for adding Vilnius to Rail...
                        Lithuania to ask court to halt broadcasts of Russia's RTR Planeta

    2014 04 01   
Lithuanian Energy Minister sees 'very good' chance of building Visaginas...
                        Lithuanian Foreign Minister condemns North Korea’s provocative actions
                        The Second Berlin Wall fell in Ukraine
                        GLL and law firm Triniti discussion “Lithuania, quo vadis”

    2014 03 31   
Nausėda- What to expect on Lithuania's exports to Russia
                        Palanga has found a way to replace Russian tourists
                        Lithuanian parties pledge better defence spending, seek permanent...
                        Lithuanian party agreement gives support to Visaginas N-plant project

    2014 03 24   
Russian Special Forces Storm Crimea Base
                        An Indian pursuing a career in Lithuania Not all Lithuanians realise how lucky...
                        France, Denmark offer sending more fighter jets to Baltics
                        Opinion ’The Third Rome’ – Russia or the USA
                        Russian diplomat calls on West to deal with problem of Baltic non-citizens

    2014 03 19   
Baltics call Crimea referendum illegitimate
                        Crimea annexation drowns Russia in isolation
                        Progressive taxes in Lithuania could be achieved through reduction of taxes
                        U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to arrive in Lithuania

    2014 03 18   
Disclosure of Russian spy is enough for now – Lithuanian Foreign Minister
                        EU business association deny info in the Moscow Times on Usackas...
                        EU imposing sanctions on 21 Crimean, Russian officials – Lithuanian formin
                        Polish natl movement in southeast Lithuania triggered by Polish...

    2014 03 17   
Citizens resort to popular populist referendums
                        One-third of residents of Latvia believe Russia’s incursion into Ukraine justified
                        Ukrainian crisis- March 14
                        US Vice-President Biden coming to Lithuania

    2014 03 14   
PM Russia calls on some cos to bypass Lithuania when shipping goods
                        Linkevičius Hitachi’s approach towards Visaginas Nuclear plant remains ‘very serious’
                        Agriculture Minister announces new land ownership requirements
                        The Seimas strongly condemns Russia's military aggression in Ukraine

    2014 03 13   
Lithuanian prosecutors won't probe whether Russian programs incited war
                        Lithuanian security chief sees Uspaskich's trips to Russia as threats
                        Lithuanian President criticizes Security Dept's counterintelligence operations
                        Lithuanian security dept urges Internet users, media steer clear of provocations

    2014 03 12   
Grybauskaitė had Uspaskich in mind when talking about Kremlin's influence
                        Grybauskaitė We'll have to fire shots, if someone tries to occupy us
                        Opinion the most dangerous person in the world The Lithuania Tribune
                        Lithuania marks 24th anniversary of restoration of independence

    2014 03 07   
Grybauskaitė Russia's behaviour contravenes international norms and agreements
                        Grybauskaitė Russia redrawing borders, Moldova and Baltics could be next ...
                        Lithuanian foreign minister Crimean parliament’s decision is unlawful
                        US fighter jets landed in Lithuania

    2014 03 06   
European leaders to discuss the situation in Ukraine
                        The President assessed the protection of Lithuania’s airspace
                        Uspaskich on Lithuanian president's words Facts must be presented
                        Seimas Speaker demands disclaimer from president over Labour Party statement
    2014 03 04   
Documentary ‘How We Played The Revolution’ will be presented in London
                        Foreign Affairs Council on the situation in Ukraine to be held in Brussels
                        Linkevičius suggests insisting on Russia’s talking to Ukraine
 Slogans outside Russian Embassy in Vilnius- -Kill Your Inner Putin

    2014 03 03   
Lithuanian Foreign Minister about situation in Crimea- this is occupation
                        Paksas not registered as a candidate for president’s post
                        Lithuanian and Polish presidents call for NATO treaty Article 4 consultations
                        Lithuanian ambassador to Russia summoned to Vilnius for consultations

    2014 02 28   
MFA statement on developments in Crimea
                        PM Butkevičius congratulates Ukraine's new Prime Minister
                        Belarusian Foreign Minister coming to Vilnius
                        Lithuania’s Presidency of EU Council resulted in greater tourist numbers

    2014 02 27   
Another seven Ukrainians are coming to Lithuania for treatment
                        Lithuanian president calls on Tymoshenko to seek unity in Ukraine
                        Ukraine- new government presented to the people in Kyiv’s Independence ...
                        Lithuania’s Vice Minister of Defence will attend NATO Defence Ministers meeting

    2014 02 26   
Linkevičius Moldova may sign EU association pact, get visa-free travels in summer
                        Diena Media News to stop publication of the newspaper Vilniaus Diena
                        PM Gazprom's offer on Amber Grid runs counter to EU's Third Energy Package
                        Interests of Lithuanian people are of the utmost importance in talks with Gazprom

    2014 02 21   
Nordea and Danske banks declined ˆ30 million deposit from the shut-down...
                        Landsbergis urges people to recall their signatures on land sale referendum
                        Lithuanian Ambassador in Kiev Regions have revolted
                        Survey 34 per cent of Poles approve of Lithuanians

    2014 02 20  
 Lithuanian Government announced mourning over tragic events in Ukraine
                        Vilnius to hold a rally to support Ukraine
                        Annual apartment price growth in five major Lithuanian cities stood at 1.5per cent
                        Minister Linkevičius to cut short his US visit and go to Brussels

    2014 02 19   
Lithuanian alpine skier Rokas Zaveckas debuts at the Sochi Olympics
                        Lithuanian officials urge Ukrainian administration to cease assault in Kiev
                        Foreign Minister urges Ukrainian administration and opposition to mull new ...
                        New rotation of logistic support contingent to be deployed to Afghanistan

    2014 02 18   
Grybauskaitė Finland is the Baltic States’ partner in energy security
                        Lithuanian PM says he intends to talk about minority problems with Polish counterpart
                        Declaration of interests to be required from Lithuanian doctors and pharmacists
                        Lithuanian PM expects Gazprom's written proposals this week

    2014 02 17   
Address by President of the Republic of Lithuania at the Flag Raising Ceremony
                        Lithuanian-Jewish relations discussed at the YIVO Institute in New York
                        Memory of Lithuanian partisans to be commemorated in Menaiciai
                        The US and France congratulated Lithuanian people on the Restoration of ...

    2014 02 14   
Foreign Minister Linkevičius to chair UN Security Council debates
                        Ažubalis wants Lukiškės Square in Vilnius to bear state representational status
                        Lithuanians in Poland feel discriminated over taxes on cultural activity
                        Vilnius to host an international book fair

    2014 02 13   
Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania nominate Tomaševski for president
                        Lithuania's election panel postpones decision on land sale referendum
                        Analyst Vilnius is ready for a new Akropolis
                        Lithuanian PM to raise issue on need for minority law

    2014 02 12   
Latvian PM coming to Lithuania on Friday
                        SIS There's huge gap between perceived and real corruption
                        Ukrainian surgeon treated in Vilnius says he was injured while providing...
                        Famous Litvak My grandfather could read seventeen languages

    2014 02 11   
Lithuanian border guards put quarter of EU' external border under CCTV ...
                        Head of the Veterinary Service sees no need in addressing WTO over...
                        President met with Ukrainian AutoMaidan’s leader Dmitry Bulatov
                        OSCE representative welcomes Lithuania’s steps to decriminalise...

    2014 02 10   
Conservative party wants Russian TV production restricted and labelled
                        Lithuanian and Russian PMs discussed Gazprom and other issues in Sochi
                        Lithuanian PM hopes to discuss problems with Polish PM -as soon as possible
                        Russia expects Lithuania to pass national minorities law and facilitate ...

    2014 02 07   
Deputy Transport Minister- Lithuania has strongest positions in Rail Baltica project
                        European Commission advises Lithuania regarding corruption
                        Lithuanian Ambassador to Sweden met with members of Baltic network of Swedish...
                        Polish politician in Vilnius- National minority law would settle many problems

    2014 02 06   
Lithuanian president to attend congress of Angela Merkel's party
                        Lithuanian PM objects to a lower referendum threshold
                        Denmark seeks to promote exchange of talent and culture with Lithuania
                        Lithuanian MP proposes to tax unhealthy food

    2014 02 05   
PM Vilnius' inclusion will help prove Rail Baltica's benefits
                        Prime Minister Land sale safeguards should be adopted in March
                        Arijandas Šliupas Quo vadis, Rail Baltic
                        Lithuanian President officially sees off athletes to Sochi

    2014 02 04   
Statement by President Dalia Grybauskaitė
                        Experts on the chances of Lithuanian President Grybauskaitė to be re-elected
                        Is the Order and Justice Party breaking into two separate camps
                        Russia lifts ban on dairy products from Vilkyškių Pieninė and Šilutės...

    2014 01 03   
Ukraine activist Dmitry Bulatov found alive after ‘kidnap and torture’
                        Lithuania begins presidency of UN Security Council

                        Lithuanian prosecutors aim to bar runaway banker from Russian citizenship
                        The fate of Rail Baltica JV will depend on Prime Ministers’ summit
                        What awaits Lithuania in 2014 and beyond – political stagnation or a new ...

    2014 01 31   
Lithuanian airports handled nearly 3.5 million passengers last year
                        Lithuanian security and defence priorities were introduced to Swedish Atlantic ...
                        PM to discuss Rail Baltica and energy projects with Latvian and Estonian...
 Second injured Ukrainian protester coming to Lithuanian hospital ...

    2014 01 30   
COSAC adopts a statement on Ukraine based on the statement by the...
                        Russia’s Ambassador Moscow wants to establish wider border area for...
 Land sale referendum initiators have submitted the necessary number...
                        Lithuania's MFA informs about safety requirements during Olympic...

    2014 01 29   
Swedbank Lithuania presents Q4 2013 financial results
                        Emigrants’ generosity- Most remittances come from Russia and Norway
                        Lithuanian Railways subsidiary CEO says Rail Baltica JV could be set up in April
                        SEB Bank Group’s Q3 2013 result

    2014 01 27   
The Lithuania Tribune Lithuania's news in English
                        LGL Seimas is only one step away from Russian style anti-gay law
                        Lithuanian and Kazakh foreign ministries’ action plan signed in Vilnius
                        State of emergency may be declared in several Lithuania’s districts...

    2014 01 24   
Lithuania was presented at international tourism fair FITUR 2014
                        Statement of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania on the current events in Ukraine
                        Lithuanian antitrust watchdog expects to complete Gazprom probe this year
                        Opinion Successes and achievements of the Lithuanian Presidency

    2014 01 23   
Lithuanian PM congratulates his new Latvian counterpart
                        Seimas committee wants EU to consider sanctions against Ukraine
                        Lithuania ready to send an agreement on ˆ8.35 billion aid to Brussels for approval
                        Lithuanian PM calls on Ukrainian government to stop fighting against own people

    2014 01 22   
Lithuania is sceptical about Russian Foreign Minister’s statements on Russian ...
                        Opinion- Time for a rainbow coalition
                        PM claims that decisions on minimum wage are due in August or September
                        A group of MPs expressed support to Ukrainian protesters and condemned violence

    2014 01 21   
Lithuania may announce LNG terminal capacity allocation tender in spring
                        Lithuanian economist says Rail Baltica isn't economically beneficial
                        Nordic investors showed interest in the Lithuanian 2014 budget
                        UK court allows extradition of Snoras' ex-owners to Lithuania

    2014 01 20   
Grybauskaitė Maxima should have shown consideration right after tragedy in Riga
                        Lithuania and Latvia share common tasks
                        Lithuanian foreign minister to attend Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels
                        The Palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania plans exhibition of valuable tapestry

    2014 01 17   
Lithuanian President is to pay a working visit to Latvia
                        MP Petras Gražulis suggests fines for the public defiance of family
                        Changes to Lithuania's shale gas taxation proposed
                        LGL- We need to talk about LGBT people’s reality in Lithuania

    2014 01 16   
2013 death toll on roads lowest in Lithuania's post-independence period
                        Lithuanian foreign minister invites Pope Francis to Lithuania
                        Lithuanian government may decide on Visaginas NPP in H1
                        PM- Estonian minister’s opinion on Rail Baltica is too hardline

    2014 01 14   
Ex-Energy Minister- Until now ‘Lietuvos Dujos’ has been Gazprom’s tool
                        Lithuania counts on US gas to shrug off dependence on Russian gas
                        Lithuanian foreign minister to meet with Pope Francis
                        Magazine ‘Valstybė’ announces Rūta Meilutytė the person of the year 2013

    2014 01 13   
NATO’s air policing mission sets the best example of smart defence
                        EU and US experts in Trakai focused on Eastern partnership prospects and...
                        Lithuania considers joining UN international aid mission in Central African Republic
                        Military vehicles from Ghor PRT compound brought back to Lithuania

    2014 01 10   
Russian Ambassador to Lithuania- Dairy export issue virtually solved
                        Lawyer sees Lithuania's new suit as pressure on Gazprom
                        Lazutka- No point in dreaming about Swedish welfare for Lithuania
                        New Lithuania’s suit against Gazprom might have been agreed with E.ON

    2014 01 09   
Lithuanian PM stays firm on 2015 euro entry target
                        International tourism, leisure and sports exhibition to take place in end of January
                        Launch of Lithuanian satellites postponed again due to solar activity
                        Lithuanian Foreign Minister bids farewell to the outgoing Apostolic Nuncio
                        Lithuanian government approves of founding a culture attaché post in Israel

    2014 01 08   
The cast of film ‘Redirected’ confess love to Lithuania
                        Vilnius residents unsatisfied with public transport, but happy with shops
                        Prime Minister congratulated Latvia on the adoption of the euro
                        Seimas Speaker suggests granting Landsbergis the status of state leader

    2014 01 07   
International policy strategists to discuss EU-US relations in Lithuania
                        Lithuanian customs criminalists detained over one ton of various drugs in 2013
 Lithuanian Foreign Ministry hosted discussion with diaspora expert from Ireland
                        Nextury Ventures- New Lithuanian seed capital fund to support technology...

    2014 01 06   
Students want better public transport
                        The President will congratulate honoured Lithuanian expats
                        Ukraine chooses East, for now The geopolitics of Kiev, Brussels & Moscow
                        Jarva companies plan hiring

    2014 01 02   
Latvia starts new year with new currency
                        Lawsuit filed in Maxima aftermath
                        Ramp collapse leaves passengers shaken
                        New hurdles threaten Rail Baltica

    2013 12 31   
Grybauskaite praises Shiller’s work
                        Lawsuit filed in Maxima aftermath
                        School renewal to serve Jewish community
                        Too soon to raise base salary

    2013 12 30   
PM Algirdas Butkevičius wishes a merry Christmas and a happy New Year
                        The President congratulated the Queen of Sweden on her 70th birthday
                        EIA studies won't be required for shale gas exploration
                        Lithuania names 2014 – the Year of the Battle of Orsha

    2013 12 27   
Happy Holidays!
                        Lithuanian leaders sent their Christmas greetings
 Premises given in exchange for Villa Lituania in Rome being adapted to...
                        Businesswoman explains why there is a lack of product choice in Lithuania

    2013 12 23   
Lithuanian PM to take nearly two weeks of vacation
                        Lithuanian Presidency reached Council agreement on remaining Banking...
                        Van Rompuy- Europe and Russia are offering different things to Ukraine
                        10,000 illegals detained in international operation coordinated by Lithuanian...

    2013 12 20   
LitSAT-1 and LituanicaSAT-1 teams arrived in the US for the launch of Lithuanian...
                        Lithuanian President on Russian politics Unions created through buying have no...
                        Strong and growing EU – a shared goal of Lithuania and Luxembourg
                        Grybauskaitė Law on national minorities is against Constitution

    2013 12 17   
Artūras Paulauskas registered as a presidential candidate
                        Defence Minister sees Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad as alarming news
                        EU Common Agricultural Policy reform officially adopted
                        Kazimieras Simonavicius University to offer a new course in Internet engineering ...

    2013 12 16   
Lithuania and Estonia demonstrate EU's sharpest employment decline in Q3 from Q2
                        Lithuanian Presidency reaches agreement on visa-free travel for citizens of 19 countries
                        Lithuania's government to lend ˆ376 million to social insurance fund
                        Vilnius hosted the closing conference of the European Year of Citizens

    2013 12 13   
Lithuanian Foreign Minister met with NATO ambassadors in Brussels
                        The President received letters of credence from Russian Ambassador
                        Lithuania’s GDP per capita rises to 72 per cent of EU average in 2012
                        Lithuania and Sweden initialled agreement on maritime boundaries

    2013 12 12   
Non-transparent procurement suspected in Lithuania's Environment Ministry
                        Why President Grybauskaitė favours her rival Zigmantas Balčytis
                        Finance Minister expects consensus on single resolution mechanism next week
                        Lithuania drafts constitutional law on financial discipline

    2013 12 11   
Seimas addressed EP over sexual health resolution
                        Seimas rejected presidential veto on chief prosecutor's dismissal
                        Grybauskaitė off to Greece to pass on the EU presidency torch
                        Lithuanian President urges to tackle problems with emergency call number...
                        Opinion Ukraine’s wishes, our capabilities

    2013 12 10   
Foreign Minister stressed importance of further implementation of ...
                        Lithuanian Foreign Minister’s statement on the situation in Ukraine
                        Lithuanian Presidency mittens distributed to Ukrainian protesters in Kiev
                        Estonia ranked highest among the Baltic States in Global Talent ...

    2013 12 06   
Strong winds are approaching Lithuania tonight
                        Lithuanian foreign vice-minister attends the OSCE ministerial council in Kyiv
                        Lithuania's Finance Minister Crisis is not over
                        Seimas is set to adopt 2014 budget on 12 December

    2013 12 05   
When Belarusians of all stripes perform in Vilnius
                        Alliance of Russians and Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania to run for EP together
                        Special attention should be given to innovations in SMEs
                        Lithuania may allocate more than ˆ5.8 million for preparations for euro changeover

    2013 12 04   
PM Lithuania cannot change international treaties to ban sale of land to...
                        Grybauskaitė is not surprised by Balčytis' nomination
                        Grybauskaitė expects Lithuania to learn from Riga’s supermarket tragedy
                        The head of Vilniaus Prekyba Maxima is unlikely to recover its good ...

    2013 12 03   
Lithuanian MPs call on Seimas to adopt resolution on Ukraine
                        Public opinion was crucial in President’s decision to grant Lithuanian ...
                        Bank of Lithuania - Only every other family calculates their expenses
                        Lithuanian Foreign Ministry summons Ukrainian ambassador over...

    2013 12 02   
Moldova hopes to avoid problems with Russia
                        Protest against Astravets NPP in Belarus held in Vilnius
                        Cox-Kwasniewski mission to Ukraine to be extended
                        EU leaders in Vilnius warn Russia over Eastern Europe

    2013 11 29   
Grybauskaitė- Ukraine might share the fate of Belarus
                        Landsbergis- Ukraine’s EU engagement is exemplary
                        Latvian Foreign Ministry summons Lithuanian Ambassador to Latvia Ričardas Degutis
                        EU and Ukraine signed Air Services Agreement in Vilnius

    2013 11 26   
Major Polish bank is courting the Lithuanian market
                        In anticipation of Euro introduction, Litas shredding machines are ready
                        The President signed Book of Condolences over the tragedy in Riga
                        The number of tourists accommodated in Lithuania grew by 8.4 per cent in Q3

    2013 11 25   
Opinion- Ukraine’s plans for the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius...
                        Third day of Riga’s calamity – 52 fatalities
                        Latvia to observe three-day mourning
                        DNB- Lithuania will be the first among Baltic States to return to pre-crisis peak level

    2013 11 22   
Lithuania will celebrate 95th anniversary of re-establishment of Lithuanian...
                        PM calls information on possible resumption of restrictions on Russian border...
                        Presidential adviser points to an unfolding slander campaign against...
                        Grybauskaitė- EU approval is a counterweight to attempts to stop...

    2013 11 21   
CARPOL experts look for ways to prevent car thefts in Europe
                        Chairman of EP’s Budget Committee calls EU 2014 budget ‘a good balance’
                        Double taxation to be eliminated between Lithuania and another five countries
                        Lithuanian clergyman Tamkevičius nominated for Freedom Prize

    2013 11 20   
Lithuanian Presidency welcomes EP consent to EU multiannual financial framework
                        Seimas to consider changes to protection of journalistic sources in spring
                        Prosecutor General asks Seimas to revoke immunity of Uspaskich and Ačas
                        Grybauskaitė- EU budget among key achievements of Lithuanian presidency

    2013 11 19   
Lithuania's population declined by 14.8 per cent in 2001-2012
                        News from Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania
                        PM- Lithuanian ruling coalition is stable
                        Foreign Minister- Ukrainian government must show leadership and resolution
                        Lithuania announced as country with the most potential

    2013 11 18   
Opinion- A provocation has been carried out, but not against Dalia Grybauskaitė
                        Opinion- Politicians are defending press freedom only with words
                        Energy Minister- Lithuania hopes US will allow LNG exports to NATO allies
                        Lithuanian Presidency- Progress on Single Resolution Mechanism achieved

    2013 11 15   
Natural gas prices for households could go down in January
                        Russia vs. Europe- Cold War has been declared and Lithuania suffers first
                        Steadfast Jazz 2013- One step toward fully credible common defence...
                        Lithuanian Presidency hosts ‘Invest in Research’ forum

    2013 11 14   
Seimas Speaker asks Foreign Minister about fugitive MP's status in the US
                        The investigation of SSD document leak should have been done by now
                        Head of Lithuania's SIS calls journalists’ questioning measures -adequate
                        Lithuanians are satisfied with their housing conditions

    2013 11 12   
Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius was discussed at Clingendael Institute
                        EU wants closer co-operation with Russia, Norway and other non-EU countries
                        Neglected buildings are being demolished at Roma settlement in Vilnius
                        Ways to assist hate crime victims will be looked for in Vilnius

    2013 11 11   
Opinion- Security versus media freedom in Lithuania – another provocation
                        Lithuanian PM calls the actions of law-enforcement against media -unacceptable
                        Prosecutor General on investigation of secret state information leak to the media
                        Butkevičius stresses importance of NPP project being discussed by Baltic PMs

    2013 11 08   
Finance Minister- Lithuania’s authorities do their best to launch LNG facility in time
                        Lithuanian Ambassador- Totalitarian ideologies should be never reborn in Europe
                        Speaker of the Seimas- Georgia is moving towards Europe
                        Education Minister revokes Lithuanian language exam privileges

    2013 11 07   
Over 200 persons lost Lithuanian citizenship in H1 of 2013
                        Transparency International- Lithuania fails to secure safety of corruption...
                        Georgian Parliamentary Speaker- Georgia will be free of political persecution
                        Jews get symbolic compensations for harm caused by Nazis and Soviets...

    2013 11 06   
Falling in love 'takes a fifth of a second and is like taking cocaine'
                        The front page of ‘Komsomolskaja Pravda v Litve’ will no longer feature...
                        Linkevičius- Momentum in Turkey’s EU negotiations should be maintained
                        PM sees economic growth forecast revision as signal to international...
 President to attend the largest NATO exercise in the Baltic States

    2013 11 05  
 HSCB- Lithuania should succeed in adopting euro in 2015
                        Oettinger- EC is to support the EU members’ position on Belarusian NPP
                        People in Lithuania will be allowed to state their nationality in passports
                        President- EU aims for an accessible, secure and single energy market

    2013 11 04   
Poll- Grybauskaitė would get most votes in the presidential race
                        Poll- Lithuania's PM should not run for president
Baltic Host 2013 exercise starts
NATO military exercise starts in Baltics and Poland on Saturday

    2013 10 31   
Seimas commission refuses to discuss Norwegian ambassador's letter...
                        The Baltic States join efforts to ensure security
                        GDP increased by disappointing 2.0 per cent in Q3
                        Swedish Parliament’s delegation met with Lithuanian foreign vice-ministers

    2013 10 30   
President- EU internal energy market is in the interest of Lithuania and Spain
                        Cameron- Britain must learn to say -no- to workers from Eastern Europe
                        Opinion- What do PBK, Brazauskas and Bradauskas have in common
                        Opinion- Georgia elects a new president with a solid majority

    2013 10 29   
Opinion A perspective on non-formal education’s potential for the young...
                        Lithuanian food safety chief expects dairy exports to Russia to resume soon
                        Lithuania-France co-operation will contribute to the EU’s success
                        Lithuania's Žalgiris Kaunas sacks head coach Zouros

    2013 10 25   
Tripartite High Level meeting focuses on unemployment, poverty and...
                        Defence Minister Olekas is to meet with US Defence Secretary
                        Grybauskaitė- EU leaders to discuss US spying claims
                        Lituanica SAT-1 to visit NASA before it’s launched

2013 10 24    Lithuanian and Montenegrin defence ministers signed security and...
                        President Grybauskaitė to attend EU Council meeting in Brussels
                        Russia and NATO plan to jointly destroy old weaponry in Kaliningrad region
                        International Personal Finance invests more than one million euro in Lithuania

    2013 10 23   
Finance Minister Lithuanian public debt stabilises and shows no downtrend
                        Moldova, Georgia and Armenia joined the Eastern European energy efficiency and ...
                        Lithuania among countries best applying the EU law
                        Austrian fire-fighters got a history lesson from Professor Vytautas Landsbergis

    2013 10 22   
Environment Ministry to decide next week whether to issue new shale gas tender
                        Foreign Minister- We must help EP countries to counter pressure
                        Lithuania will present the Presidency’s midterm results at the European Parliament
 Opinion- Can the Baltics swim safely in a raging eurozone river

    2013 10 21   
Popularity poll shows no major changes, with President and Social...
                        EU commissioner- If Lithuanian situation doesn't change, we'll take Russia to WTO
                        MP says he fell victim of provocation against Lithuania
                        No Lithuanian casualties in Afghanistan attack

    2013 10 18   
Fisheries Council has set fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2014
                        Graužinienė NPP referendum should be held separately from elections
                        Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square named ‘Hot New Hotel’ by TripAdvisor
 Lithuania received Gazprom’s response to its proposals

    2013 10 17   
PM Lithuania needs another link with Poland to synchronise power lines with Europe
                        President called for concerted efforts in protecting Lithuania’s economic interests
                        Vilnius aspires to become the European Youth Capital
                        Experts to discuss how to use the Internet for human trafficking prevention

    2013 10 16   
The Bank of Lithuania will more flexibly invest foreign reserve assets
                        EU experts draw attention to medicine prices and reimbursement
                        EU national military representatives to visit Lithuania
                        Opinion- Suspending First Baltic Channel is a triumph for tyranny

2013 10 15    Lithuanian Energy gets go-ahead for further NPP discussions with Latvians...
                        Opinion Labour party’s preparations for a political winter
Balčytis EU must speak in one voice in trade crisis
Five Lithuanian projects on EC's list of key energy infrastructure projects

2013 10 14    Lithuanian artist nominated for Astrid Lindgren Award
                        Lithuanian Foreign Minister to pay a visit to the United Kingdom
                        Brussels wants to find out who is responsible for food imports in Russia
                        Opinion A breakthrough in the Lithuanian foreign policy – is it for long

    2013 10 11   
Foreign Minister and his 41 counterparts call for universal abolition of the...
                        Foreign vice-minister and Ukrainian Ambassador discussed bilateral economic...
                        Inventor of World Wide Web is coming to Vilnius Innovation Forum
                        Lithuania signed an international agreement on mercury on behalf of the EU

    2013 10 10   
Latvia fully supports Lithuania over unfounded trade sanctions by Russia
                        The scandalous Russian political scientist Lithuania brought it on itself
                        EU's united position helped to stop extra border checks of Lithuanian haulers
                        Energy Minister presented joint position on new NPP to Prime Minister

    2013 10 09   
Conservatives offer Prime Minister their help over Russian actions
                        Prince of Denmark will announce the start of a school contest
                        Propaganda at work- Kubilius outperformed Landsbergis, but didn’t manage to...
                        Seimas Speaker- Georgia is on the right path to the European Union

    2013 10 08   
The President to meet with the Crown Prince of Denmark
                        Opinion- Ukraine at a crossroads under fire
                        Ruling parties determined to suggest a single candidate for the president’s post
                        Russia’s Customs not instructed to ban imports of Lithuanian dairy products

    2013 10 07   
Joint Baltic position on new NPP project to be presented to Lithuanian government
                        Opinion- Ukraine at a crossroads under fire
                        Vilnius salutes another festival – ‘Vilnius Film Shorts’
                        Five Lithuanian MPs are going to China

    2013 10 04   
Prime Minister Butkevičius met with Commissioner Almunia
                        Lithuania came second in real estate investment volume among the Baltic States
                        Editors’ concert in Loftas A gust of pure musical power for the chilled hearts
                        Labor Party's Graužinienė elected as Seimas Speaker

    2013 10 03   
EU Commissioner is worried about media freedom in some EU states
                        President Digital market – driver for Europe’s competitiveness
                        Dates for Lithuanian presidential election and EP elections suggested
                        Cycling Lithuania’s female youth shine on the road

    2013 10 02   
Armenia's main links with the EU will include education, science and culture
                        Butkevičius Lithuanian residents now support renovation
                        Klitscko Ukraine's president must resign if the EU deal fails
                        Lithuanian residents donate over EUR 11 million to organisations

    2013 10 01
   Lithuanian Presidency highlights the importance of agreement on cohesion policy...
                        Lithuanian Presidency is actively engaged in developing more effective EU missions
                        Two out of three awards of Vilnius documentary film festival go to Latvia
                        Lithuanian competition council extends investigation of Gazprom's actions

    2013 09 30   
Opportunities of investment in Lithuania presented to MIT graduates
                        Chinese want to build a new port in Klaipėda
The Lithuania Tribune Lithuania's news in English
Challenges of agricultural research will bring together experts for discussion

    2013 09 27   
Foreign Minister stressed the importance of democracy and equal opportunities
                        Lithuania's Santariškės Clinic performs unique heart surgery
                        Lithuanian MP Calls to resume CIA prison probe based on interpretations only
                        Culture Minister salaries of people working in cultural sector are too low

    2013 09 26   
EP plans discussion on Russia's actions against Lithuania
                        International theatre festival Sirenos starts in Vilnius
                        Lithuania sends its responses to Gazprom
                        Visit to US positively affected Seimas Speaker's attitude towards shale gas

    2013 09 25   
Kaunas’ tourism perspectives discussed with representatives of Japan-Lithuania...
                        NATO fighter jets manoeuvring above Vilnius and Kaunas
                        President to attend general debate of the UN General Assembly in New York
                        Russia has taken serious actions against Eastern Partnership countries

    2013 09 24   
IMF mission welcomed the recovery in Lithuania‘s economy
                        European higher education funding how to improve sustainability, efficiency...
                        IMF Lithuania needs to shift focus to increasing revenue
                        Lithuanian foreign ministry’s statement on attack in Pakistan

    2013 09 23   
Lithuanian embassy in the UK will open its doors to participants of ...
                        Russia imposes mandatory escorts on Lithuanian trucks
                        Lithuania is just one step away from EuroBasket’s gold
                        Social Democrats and President Grybauskaitė remain the most popular in Lithuania

    2013 09 20   
Opinion Georgia's prime minister sends mix signals
                        Serbian PM sees attack on EU mission extremist, not patriotic step
                        Yalta Conference – Ukraine’s euro-integration enters the final straight
                        Prime Minister Butkevičius met with the Pope and other Papal leaders

    2013 09 19   
Proposal to allow Chevron to explore for shale gas goes to the government
                        EC Russia's actions against Lithuanian haulers may run counter to WTO rules
                        Meeting of EU Energy Ministers to focus on issues important to all energy consumers
                        President authorised government to defend Lithuania's economic interests

    2013 09 18   
Employment rate in Lithuania is expected to reach 73 per cent in 2020
                        Statement of the Lithuanian ministry of foreign affairs on Syria conflict
                        Butkevičius is going to meet Pope and Prime Minister in Italy
                        Troops welcomed home after mission in Afghanistan

    2013 09 17   
Grybauskaite outlined obstacles to her becoming the EU President
Lithuania's ambassador summoned to Spanish Foreign Ministry over...
                        Israeli tech start-up launches new Lithuanian office with two-day developers’...
                        Lithuania vs Ukraine Lithuania makes a clean sweep of the second round

    2013 09 16   
Lithuania prepares for OECD membership
                        OECD Lithuania meets standards of transparency and information...
                        EU wants to double funding for SMEs
                        Lithuanian universities in the global university ranking list

    2013 09 13   
Chevron pledges to support Lithuania's energy security
                        EP suggests inviting Belarusian foreign minister to Eastern Partnership summit
                        EP urges Russia to stop impeding Eastern Partnership's EU integration
                        Nelja Energia to build biggest Baltic wind energy park in Lithuania

    2013 09 12   
Lithuanian president met Dalai Lama for private conversation
                        Danish Chamber of Commerce meets the press in September
                        Experts of finance and economy will gather in Vilnius for Eurofi forum
                        Health Minister blames tobacco lobbyists for hindering tobacco directive
    2013 09 11   
Lithuanian cultural season to be opened at Belgian BOZAR Centre for the Arts
                        LGL The Seimas will consider five homophobic bills in autumn session
                        Kirkilas Eastern Partnership dilemma – the EU or Russia – democracy or autocracy
                        Opinion - Continuing menace

    2013 09 10   
Lithuania vs Montenegro Big Brothers to the Rescue
                        Japanese Culture Festival ‘nowJapan’ starts tomorrow in Vilnius
                        Political analysts If Uspaskich is sentenced, the Labour Party has no future
 1.5 million vacancies available in Europe amid high youth unemployment

    2013 09 06   
President NATO exercises enhance Lithuania’s security
                        Lithuanian Foreign Minister sees Ukraine as test for Europe
                        Opinion Armenia turns its eye to the East
                        EP committee chair in Vilnius calls Russia's actions against Armenia...

    2013 09 05   
Lithuanian archbishop calls against gratifying dubious European values
                        Lithuania-Qatar negotiations on bilateral investment promotion take place in Doha
                        Lithuanian MEPs Russian pressure upon Armenia will draw EU response
                        Future of European Defence to be discussed in Vilnius

    2013 09 04   
Belgian fighter-jets landed in Šiauliai to take over of the Baltic Air Policing mission
                        Lithuania’s ruling coalition rules against any delays in shale gas tender
                        Nordic and Baltic States criticise Russian pressure on Ukraine and Moldova
                        Statement by NB8 Foreign Ministers on chemical weapons in Syria

    2013 09 03   
Lithuania's Government borrows EUR 26 million
                        Seimas to open an exhibition of the Lithuania’s statehood documents
                        A third of parents do not care what their children do on their smartphones
                        Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce invites managers to the seminar...

    2013 08 30   
Lithuanian opposition to start autumn session with no-confidence vote...
                        Joe Biden US supports Baltic States' aim to diversify energy sources
                        State Patent Bureau makes patent granting easier for Lithuanian inventors
                        Lithuania discussed situation in Syria with international partners

    2013 08 29   
The President leaves for a working visit to the United States of America
                        Ažubalis- Government showed that Lithuania can be easily manipulated
                        Baltic Presidents go to the US to deepen transatlantic co-operation
                        Lithuanian President recalls ambassadors to Azerbaijan and Hungary

    2013 08 28   
Kaliningrad NPP must be carried out in compliance with the international...
                        Žygaičiai community asks Putin and Lukashenko for support against shale...
                        The significance of the Baltic Way twenty-four years later
                        Opinion By way of power

    2013 08 27   
Last Lithuanian holidaymakers return from Egypt
                        Opinion Lech fans, Poland and Lithuania
                        Culture minister Lithuanians know more about Swedish business than culture
                        Lubys' foundation donates 375,000 litas to Lithuanian universities

    2013 08 26   
Mantas Adomėnas on distrust of ambassadors the first shot was successful
                        Opinion the rise of China and the inevitable decline of the US
                        President congratulates modern pentathlon world champion Asadauskaitė
                        ‘Every Lithuanian Helps’ and why Lithuanians become cheap UK labour

    2013 08 22   
Anniversary of last victim of Soviet aggression marked in Vilnius
                        Foreign minister Russia's actions against Ukraine ‘alarming’
                        Biographer of Pope John Paul II coming to Lithuania for papal visit...
                        Prosecutor wants involuntary treatment for Lithuanian man accused...

    2013 08 21   
Lithuania asks Pakistan for official information about detention...
                        Seimas panel to consider conduct of ambassadors to Azerbaijan, Hungary
                        Opinion Grybauskaitė's presidency is becoming a benchmark for parts of society
                        Moldova hopes for good news on visa-free regime with EU in Vilnius

    2013 08 20   
Opinion Wilno nasze or why Tomaševski failed to congratulate Žalgiris...
                        Estonian company builds Lithuania's biggest bio-energy station
                        Lithuanian ambassador confrontation in Egypt may lead to terrible outcome
                        Opinion Lithuania’s courting with Gazprom – a recurring insanity

    2013 08 19   
Lithuanian foreign minister condemns Egypt violence
                        Lithuania criticises nuclear plant discussions in Belarus
                        Police arrest Lithuanian gang stealing cars in Germany
                        Lithuanian female junior basketball squad scores in European tournament

    2013 08 16   
Vilnius Europe League game may be called off due to damage...
                        EAPL provocative anti-Lithuanian banner impossible to arrange without...
                        Lithuanian President opens first IKEA store in the Baltics
                        Russia criticizes Lithuanian court's ruling to extradite Ustinov to US

    2013 08 14   
MEP- offensive banner in Poznan stadium ‘plotted’ by Lithuania's...
                        Opinion- The Big Brother, Long Ear
                        Fire-and-rescue services in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus agree on closer...
                        Lithuania needs to change emergency law to fight African swine fever

    2013 08 13   
Defence Minister expects agreement on Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian...
                        Lithuanian Presient expressed condolences over the death of Dutch Prince Friso
                        US and Canadian Lithuanian school teachers met in Michigan
 WIPO Director General coming to Lithuania on official visit

    2013 08 12   
Opinion- En route to the White House
                        First International Rotary handicamp opened in Lithuania
 Foreign Minister calls Poznan incident shameful attempt to incite tension
                        Lithuanian Ambassador to UK met with Revd Canon Michael Bourdeaux

    2013 08 05   
Lithuanian court to hear bankruptcy case of IBM research centre
                        Lithuanian prosecutors launch international search for Romanov
 Foreign Minister confirmed Žurauskas' resignation as ambassador's personal move
                        Lithuania may drop claims and sign long-term deal with Gazprom in exchange...

    2013 08 02   
Diplomatic leak aimed at discrediting Lithuania
                        Energy Minister- Lithuania may still consider relying on nuclear power resources
                        Opinion- Social Democrats grinding axes of propaganda
                        PM- Lithuania considers Israel an important partner

    2013 08 01  
 Lithuanian architect’s project fascinates North Korean leader
                        Uspaskich appeals against his conviction
                        Agreements reached during the first month of Lithuania’s Presidency are
                        As experts’ talks with Gazprom finished, Lithuania expects ‘rational’ proposals

    2013 07 31   
Lithuanian Railways registers Rail Baltica trademark and logo
                        It would not be in Lithuania’s interests to receive a tag of “promise giver”
                        Miss Meilutytė splashes into the record books
                        Growth in second quarter of 2013 accelerated to expected 3.7%

    2013 07 30
   Foreign minister calls for not damaging improving relations with Israel
                        Grybauskaitė to meet with President Obama
                        Lawyer appeals against Ustinov's extradition to the U.S.
 Lithuanian President – power link with Sweden will increase imports of cheap power

    2013 07 29
   Week 30 in review
                        Commissioner - Rail Baltica is more realistic than ever
                        Numavicius remains Lithuania's richest person
                        Uspaskich returns to Lithuania from Russia

    2013 07 26
   Lithuanian Foreign Minister discusses Serbia's EU integration in Belgrade
                        EBRD resumes funding for Ignalina NPP decommissioning project
                        EU Transport and Telecommunications Attachés are visiting Lithuania
                        Lithuania understands Cyprus in terms of occupation experience

    2013 07 25
    Education Minister- There's a shortage of IT specialists in Lithuania and the EU
                        EU-US to -continue active discussions- on data protection
                        Ex-Lithuanian President- state would not benefit from coalition collapse
                        President puts Lithuanian and Norwegian convict extradition pact for ratification

    2013 07 24  
 The Lithuanian army is seeking over one hundred military personnel candidates
                        EU-US meeting on data protection starting in Vilnius
                        Lithuanian money to reach Punsk schools by September
                        Over 100 Lithuanian citizens checked during UK police operation

    2013 07 23 
  Norwegian energy company considers EUR 200m oil project in Lithuania
                        President congratulated Her Majesty Elizabeth II on the arrival of her great grandchild
                        Vilnius court sanctions Ustinov's extradition to US
                        EU's direct payments to be limited to active farmers

    2013 07 22
    Minister Šadžius- fight against unemployment is global concern
                        Week 29 in review
                        Lithuanian President continues to top popularity ratings
                        Martynas Levickis- A most natural Lithuanian ambassador

   2013 07 20
    EU plans new data protection rules in response to spying scandal
                        Lithuania postpones the decision on shale gas tender winner until September
                        Lithuanian minister says no to privatisation of waste management
                        Regional development must be integral

    2013 07 19    EU must protect personal data of its citizens
                        PM Butkevičius- We are interested in Georgia’s success
                        Presidency statement on outcome of discussions on EU-US working group
                        Vilnius is first city in the world to launch a virtual happiness barometer

    2013 07 18   
Opinion- Four years of presidency
                        EC proposes establishing European Public Prosecutor's Offic
                        Gryauskaitė- Europe must continue financial reforms
                        Lituanian officers cancel planned protest

    2013 07 17   
Lithuanian shale gas opponents deny links with Gazprom
                        Metro in Vilnius – only through EU money                 
                        Opinion- Navalny’s last stand
                        Small Planet Airlines aircraft stranded in Paris due to minor failure

    2013 07 16   
Did shale gas opponents receive compensations from Russian gas importers
                        Georgian PM to come to Lithuania
                        Lithuanian Gay League criticises national broadcasters' restrictions on gay...
                        Opinion- We (do not) live better than Estonians

    2013 07 15   
Political commitment of EU member states strengthens common European...
                        The 80th anniversary of Lituanica’s transatlantic flight commemorated in Poland
                        The history of Lithuania’s oldest embassy
                        Thomas Mann conects Lithuania and Germany

    2013 07 12   
Latvia's euro adoption paves way for Lithuania
                        Opinion- The presidency does not provide privileges; it opens possibilities
                        Collaborative work by all is needed for the well-being of Europeans
                        Documents on KGB work to control tourism published in Lithuania

    2013 07 11   
Lithuania looks 'pathetic' due to lack of decision on new NPP
                        Lucinda Creighton. Gana apie abortus mąstyti šabloniškai
                        Opinion- Emigration and demographic decline in the Baltics
                        Opinion- Lithuania passes on the torch

    2013 07 10   
Energy Minister claims that contract with Chevron will be signed in 2013
                        EU political directors focused on global agenda issues in Vilnius
                        Opinion- EU parliament risks encouraging dictator
                        Portuguese Finance Minister hopes Lithuania becomes 19th eurozone...

    2013 07 09   
Opinion- Vilnius replaces Vienna as a backyard of Russian spies
                        Justice Minister to participate in EP workshop on Common European Sales Law
                        Lithuania welcomes the beginning of the EU-US trade talks
                        Lithuanian government asked to reject amendments on gay adoption ban

    2013 07 08   
European political scientists presented their views on Lithuania's EU...
                        Lithuanian and foreign experts discussed preparation for 2014-2020 EU...
                        Lithuanian language is resilient enough to survive all threats

    2013 07 05   
Officer protest to greet high-profile EC guests near Vilnius airport
                        Dalia Grybauskaitė congratulated US President Barack Obama on...
                        EU Policy Directors prepared in Vilnius for the European Council...
                        Lithuania's Presidency welcomes resolution on EU budget

    2013 07 03   
Day one of the EU Presidency cover-ups and superimpositions
                        Opinion Why does mutual dislike between Russians and Lithuanians exist
                        EU’s Political and Security Committee and the Nicolaidis group to pay a visit to Vilnius
                        Seimas rehabilitates four Labour Party members deleted from election list

    2013 07 02   
Lithuanian EU Presidency started with updates on the parliamentary...
                        Grybauskaitė says Lithuanian EU Presidency could be overshadowed...
                        Georgian Defence Minister People are not arrested for political...
                        Opinion Vilnius as a border city                   

    2013 07 01   
Dalia Grybauskaitė to go on four working visits at the start of Lithuanian...
                        Youtube sensation Lithuanian-made video game received more...
                        Opinion Moscow pulls back the curtain on Zapad 2013
                        Stronger Europe through joint efforts by Presidents of Lithuania and...

    2013 06 28   
Undressing gender equality The image of Dalia Grybauskaitė in the wider...
                        Šemeta sees it hardly possible for Lithuania to avoid
                        Exhibition ‘Lithuania in the mail parcel’ will mark the start of Lithuania’s presidency
                        Russian Air Force base near Lithuania doesn't improve ties with Lithuania

    2013 06 27   
Lithuania suspends imports of some products from Belarus due to African...
                        Lithuania’s EU presidency priorities presented at the International Forum on...
                        Vilnius authorities still ban gay march on central Gediminas Avenue
                        EU budget talks moved to Brussels summit

    2013 06 26   
President Norway may supply gas to Lithuania
                        Minister Linkevičius sent note to Pakistan over return of climber's body
                        Lithuanian Presidency perpetuated on commemorative coins
                        Opinion Will the relations between Lithuania and Poland ever get better

    2013 06 21   
Lithuania and Nordic countries are connected by values and traditions
                        President will launch Lithuanian Presidency website
                        Lithuania and Latvia successfully implemented gas interconnection project
                        President urged all political powers to pull together for EU presidency

    2013 06 20   
Government to consider setting up cyber-security task force for Lithuanian...
                        Lithuanian films presented at the Edinburgh international film festival
                        President received letters of credence from Bulgarian ambassador
                        Opinion SSD has finally voiced what has long been known by everyone

    2013 06 17   
President- We have to testify the truth about deportations
                        Lithuanian EU presidency’s commemorative merchandise have been prepared...
                        Interview- Mayor Zuokas is ready to manage a larger city
                        2014-2020 EU budget remains key presidency issue for Lithuania

    2013 06 14   
MP Žemaitaitis suggests allowing Paksas to run for president
                        Lithuanian law enforcement services to look for MP Venckienė in two countries
                        Liberal Movement collects signatures for Healthcare Minister’s interpellation
                        Taking on Gazprom- Lithuania's battle for energy independence

    2013 06 13   
Lithuania plans to join UN protocol against illicit tobacco trade
                        Lithuanian government approves tax changes
                        PM Butkevičius attended the opening of the US company’s facility in Vilnius
                        Opinion- All quiet on the Eastern Front

    2013 06 12   
Georgian Justice Minister- There is no selective justice in Georgia
                        Prime Minister says ratification of anti-violence convention still unclear
                        EU hopes for agreement on environmental impact directive during Lithuanian...
                        EU sanctions against Belarusian Foreign Minister might be suspended

    2013 06 11   
Lithuanian president appoints Gustas as Economy Minister
                        Ex-Mayor of Bogota Antanas Mockus – a man who curbed traffic accidents with...
                        Russia – an increasingly attractive partner for the Baltics
                        Average annual inflation down to 2.5 per cent in May, probably below ...
                        Verdict in Lithuania's Labour Party case expected on July 12

    2013 06 10   
Back from washing dishes in England and can’t speak Lithuanian anymore
                        Lithuania plans to establish diplomatic relations with seven African countries
                        My Big Fat Greek Football match- Lithuania remains winless for 2013
                        Half of Lithuanians in favour of legalising prostitution

    2013 06 07   
Secretary General of the Council of Europe met with Foreign Minister
                        Lithuanian judges need more time for hearing Gazprom's complaint over...
                        Lithuania is taking over Presidency of EU Council from Ireland
                        Government backs the signature of controversial violence prevention...

    2013 06 06   
Seimas Foreign Affairs Committee postponed consideration of Association...
                        NATO Defence Ministers agreed to enhance NATO’s role in energy security
                        Seimas Speaker invited Swiss entrepreneurs to actively use business...
  Lithuanian and Russian foreign ministers discussed economic and...

    2013 06 05   
Rosatom orders conservation of Kaliningrad nuclear plant
                        EU-US free trade agreement may be launched during the Lithuanian EU Presidency
                        Eglė Kusaitė’s Final Speech at the Vilnius Regional Court
                        Bank of Lithuania launches new commemorative coins

    2013 06 04   
Richard Branson’s impressions of Lithuania- A country full of interesting people
                        World Lithuanian Economic Forum- visions on Lithuania's economic future
                        Immigrants are Switzerland's main internal problem
                        Japanese and EU flags lowered in run-up to Lithuanian Ghor PRT closure

    2013 06 03   
Opinion- Is the EU a community of dreams or a bag of problems
                        Baltic-American training event starts in Pabradė
                        Jewish leaders in Hollywood, social media drove changing attitudes on gay marriage
                        Richard Branson will leave Lithuania wearing a ‘Žalgiris’ t-shirt

    2013 05 31   
Bank of Lithuania suspects financial pyramid activity
                        Old Europe, New World- In those days Horton Street was a dirt road
                        Lithuanian Ambassador to UK opened an exhibition in Gateshead
                        Baltic Prime Ministers met in Latvia to discuss regional projects
    2013 05 30   
Prime Minister- Germany backs Lithuania's 2015 euro goal
                        The Seimas makes the first step towards banning gender reassignment
                        Company established by Lithuanians becomes one of the hottest in London
                        Opinion- Estonians no longer believe in Lithuania's nuclear fairy tales

    2013 05 29   
Seimas committee to look into attack on DELFI news portal
                        Estonia’s President concerned about uncertainties over N-facility project
                        President Ilves- National ambitions shouldn't eclipse regional Baltic cooperation
                        The European Endowment for Democracy to promote European values in the...

    2013 05 28   
Lithuanian and Estonian Defence Ministers meet
                        Social Democrats already lining up candidates for the new Economy Minister
                        The Baltic Sea region – positive steps towards ensuring energy security
 Estonian President on Visaginas NPP and the fate of euro

    2013 05 27   
President of Estonia arriving on state visit to Lithuania today
                        Lithuania's Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius will attend a meeting of the...
                        The Seimas and the President will consider the fate of Economy Minister Vėsaitė
                        Opinion- Why is the President allergic to political parties

    2013 05 24   
Lithuania’s economic expansion will depend more on domestic demand
                        DELFI news portal was threatened and later attacked
                        German Bundestag delegation coming to Lithuania
                        Belarus ambassador- Lithuania and Belarus have reached the level of strategic partners

    2013 05 23   
Uspaskich and Paksas think that Economy Minister Vėsaitė should resign
                        Defence Ministry’s representatives to attend European security conference in Moscow
                        Vilnius greeted David Haselhoff with a storm of applause
                        Interpellation against Economy Minister is being initiated

    2013 05 22   
Opinion-The Neo-Nazis hate the feminists too
                        Russian and Belarusian arms inspectors are visiting Lithuania
                        Baltic PMs to discuss future of Visaginas N-plant project in Jurmala
                        Lithuania backs Ireland in EU budget talks

2013 05 21    Outgoing Polish ambassado - I finish with very good relations
                        Lithuanian interpreters at EU institutions bracing for presidency challenges
                        EU Commissioner for Climate Action to visit Lithuania this week
                        A marriage of the Lithuanian and Australian cultures- Know your Klumpė!

    2013 05 20   
Opinion - Are we going to buy not only Polish meat, but Polish energy as well
                        American-Lithuanian Business Council established
                        The President congratulated the King of Norway on national day
                        Russians buying Lithuanian votes before Eurovision final

    2013 05 17  
 This week saw the biggest drug seizure in Lithuania's history
                        Lithuania has almost become the leader in GDP growth in the EU
                        Energy Minister decision-in-principle on new NNP will made by July
                        A surge of activity observed in Lithuania's real estate market

     2013 05 16  
Butkevičius was told that France expects action on Tymoshenko
                        France expects breakthrough in growth and job creation during Lithuanian EU presidency
                        EU seems ready to sign Association Agreement with Ukraine in Vilnius
                        Belarus seeks direct presence in Klaipėda Port

     2013 05 15  
Finland’s President thinks Lithuania’s LNG terminal is not a competition but an asset
                        5 signs there’s something fishy about the alleged CIA spy arrested in Moscow
                        English translation of instruction used to recruit Russian citizen by alleged CIA spy
                        Foreign Minister assures that during EU Presidency Lithuania will back Turkey...
                        Tobacco Products Directive may be optimally approved in December
                        During ratification of Serbia-EU pact, MP enquired about protection of Lithuanian firms

     2013 05 14  
Ukrainian deputy PM assures that Tymoshenko receives best medical treatment
                        President of Finland to arrive on state visit to Lithuania
                        Business community fears that Economy Minister encourages brain drain
                        Lithuania may extend the ban of farming land sale to foreigners

     2013 05 13  
Multicultural marriages More Lithuanian women are marrying Russian men
                        Personal stories of Lithuanian children deported to Siberia
                        Unity’s campaign ads claimed “full of lies”
                        Dalia Grybauskaitė the Iron Lady of Lithuania

     2013 05 10  
Lithuania does not consider buying electricity from Kaliningrad NPP
                        Energy Minister- EU presidency is as opportunity to discuss nearby N-plant projects
                        Lithuanian prosecutors announced MP Venckienė’s search
                        Danish businessman to Lithuanian authorities- less red tape

     2013 05 09  
German Chancellor Merkel congratulates Lithuanian President Grybauskaitė
                        Education Ministry to push for Lithuanian-language graduation exam abroad
                        Lithuanian state budget would lose LTL 380 million due to VAT relief on food
                        Lithuanian government proposes Bieliūnas for EU General Court judges

     2013 05 08  
Liudas Liutkevičius Electricity market – the active gain and the passive lose
                        EU Energy Commissioner to meet with Lithuanian leaders and take part in energy...
                        Lithuanian prosecutors ask court to find 20 suspects in January 13 coup case
                        National basketball team to play 12 matches in preparation for European Championship

     2013 05 27  
MEPs suggest increasing EU support for deprived
                        US farming machinery maker Kinze plans to invest in Lithuania
                        Belarus and Lithuania plan to develop joint tourism projects
                        Opinion Is Lithuania going to join the Russian nuclear power plant

     2013 05 06  
Russian oppositionist Although inconvenient, Russia has reconciled with Baltic freedom
                        Klaipėda LNG terminal's ship has been named Independence
                        Finance Minister chaired the meeting of Board of Governors of NIB in Vilnius
                        Documents on activities of KGB's Mobilisation Division in Lithuania published

     2013 05 03  
In Sweden, the debate over national defence continues
                        Minister Linkevičius commented on relations with Belarus and Poland
                        Foreign Minister Europe's geopolitical success depends on Ukraine
                        President received letters of credence from Italian ambassador

2013 05 02   Lithuania celebrates the ninth anniversary of joining the EU
                        Lithuanian and Polish parliamentarians will assemble after four years
                        US group anticipates big business in Lithuania
                        Hundreds take part in the Labour Day march in Vilnius

     2013 04 30  
Vilnius held consultations on security policy with representatives of Sweden’s...
                        Lithuania will inform Latvian and Estonian PMs on its position regarding new ...
                        Opinion - Values or Pipelines
                        Danish fighter jets forced to land in Tallinn after colliding with a bird

     2013 04 29  
Belarus’ PM could attend Vilnius EU Eastern Partnership summit
                        Vilnius mayor found investors for airLituanica in South Africa
                        Social Democrats will decide on their presidential candidate next year
                        EP Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee visiting Lithuania

     2013 04 26  
Foreign Minister calls on the EU to promote reforms in Eastern Partnership countries
                        PM says nuclear power plant talks with Latvia and Estonia may start next week
                        Emanuelis Zingeris - NATO should react to Belarus's militarisation
                        New head of Ombudsmen's office appointed in Lithuania

     2013 04 25  
More flights are scheduled from Palanga airport this summer
                        Brussels supports Lithuania in implementation of EU’s Third Energy Package
                        Energy efficiency should be part of EU Common Security and Defence Policy
                        Climate and energy policies have to ensure EU competitiveness

     2013 04 24  
Lithuania and the US signed an agreement on nuclear safety
                        Russian and Belarusian arms control specialists to conduct an observation...
                        Conservatives propose dual citizenship to emigrants to EU and NATO countries only
                        The President meets the Lord Mayor of London

     2013 04 23  
Does Grybauskaitė have a chance to become the President of the European Union
                        Opinion Why is Vėsaitė blowing Gazprom’s horn
                        Shale gas discussions postponed until legal supervision is tightened
                        Energy security in the focus of both the EU and Lithuania

     2013 04 22  
PM discussed energy security with his Swedish colleague
                        Supported by third, SocDems remain most popular party in Lithuania - poll
                        SEB adn Swedbank support Lithuania’s euro ambition – PM
                        Lithuanian president, PM remain most popular politicians - poll

     2013 04 19  
Ukio Bankas’ bankruptcy may get in Lithuania’ way towards euro adoption - PM
                        Justmin pledges amendments on spelling of non-Lithuanian names by May
                        Lithuania dismisses as untrue Moscow’s reports about talks on EU’s 3rd Energy...
                        Belarusian military airplane violated Lithuanian air-space

     2013 04 18  
Labour Party's leader Uspaskich is testifying in court
                        Trinidad and Tobago interested in selling liquefied natural gas to Lithuania
                        Friends on both sides of Atlantic waiting for Lithuanian-Polish friendship - Linkevicius
                        Thatcher changed Britain and the world - Grybauskaite

     2013 04 17  
Lithuania’s concerns over Astravyets nuclear plant are justified
                        One of the biggest power companies in China bought the Power Network...
                        Bishops lose their rights to the Cathedral Square
                        Sitting on the fence. Swedish defence policy and the Baltic Sea region

     2013 04 16  
Lithuanian court freezes Romanov's assets
                        Lithuanian PM paid no attention to draft memorandum on natural gas price
                        The Seimas is to consider the ratification of the EU-Serbian agreement
                        US Ambassador McCarthy met with the Minister of Economy Vėsaitė

     2013 04 15 
 WikiLeaks- Australia counted immigrant votes on non-recognition of Baltic occupation
                        Landsbergis wants leader rotation and more opportunities for youth
                        Lithuanian Defence Minister is visiting troops in Afghanistan
                        Poland remembers Smolensk crash victims
                        South Korea police thwart activists' planned launch of leaflets

     2013 04 12  
Russian political analyst sees no future for Visaginas NPP
                        Labour MP proposes referendum on dual citizenship
                        More radioactive water leaks during Tepco transfer effort at Fukushima No. 1
                        President Grybauskaitė to be presented with the prestigious Charlemagne Prize

     2013 04 11  
Food and Veterinary Service found no horsemeat in Lithuanian sausages
                        KPMG survey Baltic business leaders more confident about the future
                        The President signed the book of condolences for Margaret Thatcher
                        Poland remembers Smolensk crash victims
                        Labour Party may soon be out of reach for the public prosecutor

     2013 04 10  
Foreign Minister invites UK to participate in EU-Eastern Partnership summit
                        New HIV cases diagnosed in Lithuania in 2013
                        Opinion Who determines foreign policy
                        Lithuania's output prices down in March

     2013 04 09  
Lithuania will focus on single market during EU presidency
                        The Iron Lady has passed away
                        Google Maps helps Lithuania's tax inspection find unregistered luxury housing
                        Lithuania is to join the International Anti-Corruption Academy

     2013 04 05  
Lithuania’s PM to meet with Gazprom’s chair today
                        Lithuanian Justice Minister proposes election reform
                        Vilnius Regional Administrative Court will announce its ruling on Baltic Pride...
 Lithuania rapidly disappears- the number of pupils decreased by 30 percent

     2013 04 04  
Lithuanian PM expects to discuss energy and gas prices with his Russian counterpart
                        Russia wants visa-free regime between Kaliningrad and larger part of Lithuania
 Russian ambassador deems Gazprom accusations detrimental for mutual...
                        Lithuanian Ministry of Justice seeks to remove the requirement to adopt the law on...

     2013 04 03  
Lithuanian president met with the new head of Special Investigation Service
                        Vilnius aims at improvement of state relations with Warsaw
                        What do Lithuanians appreciate in restaurants the most
                      Lithuania may waive state audit of foundation in charge of Jewish property compensation

     2013 04 02  
Lithuanian capital plans a host of activities for Vilnius ghetto memorial year
                        Lithuanian election body to distribute EUR 2.8 mln among parties
                        English rapidly gaining popularity in Lithuania
                        Lithuania is the leader in the number of deadly road accidents in the EU

     2013 03 29  
Vilnius is second best among top value city break destinations for Brits
                        Baltic Finance Ministers say there is no 'good' or 'bad' time for euro entry
                        Latvian Finance Minister acknowledges growing potential of the Baltic region
                        Political analyst euro adoption referendum is not necessary

     2013 03 28  
On the last day of March Lithuania will switch to summer time
                        Vilnius court to decide on gay march on April 11
                        Lithuania is ready to support schools in Poland’s Punsk
                        Lithuanian prosecutors seek more money for key investigations

     2013 03 27  
P.Motiejūnas denies rumours about Gazprom plans to support Žalgiris
                        The majority of Lithuanians are social democrats; conservatives are the fourth...
                        Analyst - Russian capital may move from Cyprus into Baltics
                        Seimas Speaker advocates equal rights for national minorities in Lithuania and Poland

     2013 03 26  
Kubilius is soon to name shadow ministers
                        Lithuania’s finance minister urges task groups to submit proposals for euro...
                        Seimas’ Constitutional Commission is set to push dual citizenship referendum
                        US ambassador met with Lithuanian Energy minister

     2013 03 25
  Lithuania home to 128 ethnicities and 59 religious communities
                        Lithuanian formin stresses importance of closer EU-NATO cooperation in Dublin
Waste Batteries will be Further Collected at Post Offices
Week 12 in review

2013 03 22   100 days of Government more talk, less work
                        Dainius Kreivys - Under the Kremlin’s order and the premier’s wish
                        PM postpones final N-plant calculations until May
                        After bid to teach religion stalled, EAPL to propose classes on religions in Lithuania

     2013 03 21  
Lithuania threatened by cyber espionage, info attacks by foreign intelligence - report
                        Seimas’ committees propose to suspend shale gas exploration in Western...
                        Sikorski links national minority issues in Lithuania with energy, transport projects
                        Extremist organizations not influential in Lithuania...- govt report

     2013 03 20  
Lithuania sees no need for additional power links to Kaliningrad - Energy Minister
                        Lithuania not giving up N-plant plans but won't rush, PM tells Russian media
                        Pope Francis – renewal hope for the world and Lithuania
                        Lithuania should adopt euro as soon as possible - PM Butkevicius

2013 03 19   Power still out for fuel-pool cooling system at Fukushima No. 1 plant
                        Proposals on future of Visaginas N-plant to be tabled in early April
                        Degutiene not to run for Conservative party's leadership
                        Poland’s missile defense system not endangered – U.S. official

     2013 03 18  
Christopher Columbus’s True Identity Unmasked A Lithuanian Prince
                        Lithuanian employers pay less, raise wages slowly
                        Jonas Penkaitis recalls ‘Litho Street’ in Sydney and the early days of building a new...
                        The psychiatric toll of emigration

2013 03 15   Seimas to consider punishment for desecration of historical symbols
                        Social Democrats censure manifestations of ultranationalism

                        Pope elections brought a lot of new things, Lithuanian ambassador says
                        How to create a real Polish-Lithuanian brotherhood, by E. Vareikis
                        New Pope’s Piety and Humility Aided His Surprise Selection

2013 03 14   Pope elections brought a lot of new things, Lithuanian ambassador says
                        ‘You call them nationalists, and I would speak of a nationally conscious youth’
Special merits needed for Lithuanian citizenship by exception - Constitutional Court
US to provide EUR 6.1 mln worth of aid to Lithuania's Armed Forces

     2013 03 13
  D. Grybauskaite: 'De facto we already have the euro'
Lithuania will not join Kaliningrad N-plant project, PM says
                        NATO holds the 6th Baltic Regional Training Event in the Baltic States
                        Some 33% of Lithuanians at risk of poverty in 2011 - Eurostat
                        Baltic states to buy projector ammo via European Defense Agency

      2013 03 12 
Presidential adviser against march ban
                        Lithuanian school issue needs Poland's goodwill – Education Minister
Thousands of people take part in unsanctioned march in central Vilnius
Radiation within 80 km of No. 1 plant said down by half

      2013 03 08 
V. Romanov I will write a book that will be like “Mein Kampf”
                        Kusaite's case exceptional in post-independence Lithuania – lawyer
                        U.S. Government Strongly Supports Lithuanian and Baltic Energy Security...
                        Vilnius The New Mecca For Belarusian Shoppers And Activists

      2013 03 07  Prosecutors appeal against ruling to allow Labor, Order and Justice merger
                        Vilnius to name street, square in honor of rescuers of Jews
                        Court to look into Education Minister's decree on exam facilitation
                        Minimum wage increase premature

      2013 03 06 
Group bids names in non-Lithuanian letters, bilingual signs, fails to agree on threshold
                        PM Butkevicius calls Sikorski's gas proposal strange
                        Forum and Commenting Rules
                        Russia's Rosatom not offering to join Lithuania's Visaginas NPP project

      2013 03 05 
Lithuania's news in English
                        64% of Lithuanians feel citizens of the EU
                        Relations with Lithuania will improve after practical steps, Polish foreign minister says
                        A New Force - “You’ll be the Third”

2013 03 01  Legalisation of bilingual locality names could lead to adoption of Cyrillic alphabet
                        Lithuania surprised at Estonian air policing statement to US secretary
                        Vilnius court hears complaint on nationalist rally, to hand down ruling Monday
                        Tourism from Scandinavia & Finland , Lithuania invests

      2013 02 28 
Politics of Energy and Memory between the Baltic States and Russia by Agnia Grigas...
                        Finance Minister doubts if Lithuania could join euro in 2014
                        Rosatom’s transparency seems doubtful, Lithuanian presidential adviser says
                        Japan plans viable methane hydrate technology by 2018

      2013 02 26 
K. Girnius – Why Do We Not Get Along with Our Neighbours
                        Commission Baltic economies are swimming upstream
                        Majority of Lithuanians disapprove of March 11 nationalist rallies – poll
                        Demographer it is the last chance to stop the extinction of Latvia

      2013 02 25 
Order and Justice party's leadership okays merger with Labour Party
                        Collapse of Ukio Bankas again badly affected public trust in banks
                        Russia's Rosatom interested in Kruonis power facility - Lithuanian PM
                        Lithuanian from London compared to A. Guoga

      2013 02 22 
President Grybauskaite calls gay partnership discussions premature    
                        Reaction to 'Four things that keep me up at night' - Opinion
                        Italy and Lithuania to sign agreement on Villa Lituania
                        Putin says absence of Japan-Russia peace treaty is ‘abnormal’
                        Savickas - world's strongest man at the UK’s biggest fitness show

      2013 02 21 
Estonia opens the first chain of electric car recharge stations
                        Polish Lithuanians ask Lithuania for school-closure mediation
                        New robots reduce human risk in disaster cleanup
                        The Lithuania Tribune - Lithuania's news in English

      2013 02 20 
Baltic business climate with swedish companies
                        Iceland's accession would strengthen Nordic-Baltic position in Europe
                        Prime Minister says, Party merger would not have effect on govt.
                        MFA Linkevičius - The Eurasian Economic Union is one of Putin’s personal promises

      2013 02 19 
Merger with Order and Justice Party might affect Party's case – prosecutor
                        Lithuanian daily examines circumstances behind Ukio Bank's collapse
                        Lithuania’s new Prime Minister Butkevičius aims for a close dialogue with foreign...
                        Ministry to look into chances of keeping Lithuanian-language schools in Poland open

      2013 02 18 
Lithuanian flag unfurled in Scranton (USA)
                        Lithuanian Jews slam Feb 16 march in Kaunas
                        Okinčicas on Linkevičius' - Warsaw apology Minister acted like a true Lithuanian patriot
                        Arbitration will be among key challenges for Lithuania's EU presidency - ambassador

      2013 02 15 
Energy dependency in EU – 53.8%; in Lithuania – 81.8% (EUROSTAT)
                        Former Minister of Energy got married
                        Government drafting energy strategy with and without nuclear plant
                        US Secretary of State John Kerry congratulates

      2013 02 14 
“Gazprom is losing market significantly” – Russian energy expert
                        3 Lithuanian schools set to be closed in Poland
                        Linkevicius should have not apologized in Poland – PM Butkevicius
Free excursions on Vilnius, statehood history to be organized on Feb. 16

      2013 02 12 
Inflated prices for solar power could cost taxpayers CZK 1bn
                        Poland biggest beneficiary of the EU budget deal – PM
                        Senior LDP lawmaker urges a swift decision on fate of offline reactors

      2013 02 11 
Lithuania to receive almost 10% more from new EU budget
                        Twins from Riga, famous for their tattoos, provided with Lithuanian citizenship
                        No negotiations with Gazprom, Butkevicius says
                        Latvian foreign minister alarmed over recent developments in Georgia

      2013 02 08 
EU budget ‘should be cut by half’
                        British PM only wants to cut input to EU, prepare for elections – President...
                        Discover the EU with Model European Union 2013 Strasbourg
                        Minister of Defence and Swedish Ambassador discussed Nordic-Baltic...

      2013 01 07 
Lithuanian language shouldn’t be subject in talks on Lithuania-Poland ties
                        Ukrainian president in Vilnius Gazprom bill incorrect
                        A business idea tell the Chinese about Lithuania
                        Ukraine must be persuaded into observing European values – experts

      2013 01 06 
Polish officials concerned about Strasbourg decision to declassify documents...
                        Usackas appointed as EU ambassador to Russia not to run for Lithuanian president
                        Kaunas authorities considering reburial of Lithuania’s 1st president – mayor
                        Many Egyptians Fight on Streets to Restore Revolution’s Goals

      2013 01 04  
Many countries praise Lithuania for tackling crisis– president
                        Lithuania positions itself to play transit role in NATO’s Afghanistan withdrawal
                        Cyber and energy security is Lithuania’s priority – president
                        Lithuanian, Russian formins agree to step up bilateral relations

      2013 02 01
  Classroom revolution - after decades under a Soviet stranglehold of rote learning...
                        “NATO doesn’t interfere with Lithuania-Estonia debates on air-policing”
                        Government parties fail to agree on EU's fiscal compact
                        Would prohibition of mixed marriages preserve Lithuanians

      2013 01 31 
PM Butkevicius - no decisions taken at meeting with Gazprom reps
                        Brussels backs Lithuania in its gas sector reform – PM
                        Nearly third of Lithuanian municipalities declare flu epidemic
                        Czech Parliament Backs Medical Marijuana, With a Catch

      2013 01 30 
NASA looks forward to cooperation with Lithuania; US Chargé d’ Affaires
                        Many emigrants immediately lose their national identity and renounce Lithuania
                        Observers Social Democrats inclined towards nuclear power plant construction
                        NATO air-police to stay in Lithuania, rotation to be discussed later – Defence Minister

      2013 01 29 
5 reasons why not to study in Lithuania
                        Eastern Policy Challenges
                        What awaits the Conservatives and why both Kubilius and Landsbergis are right
                        The foreign policy handbook, by E. Vareikis
                        Tentative Steps Toward Deepening Defense Cooperation in the Baltic Region

      2013 01 25 
Lithuania intends to enter euro zone in 2015 – PM in Tallinn
                        Lithuanian sushi conquers the world
                        Lithuanian President allows the holding of second referendum on Visaginas NPP
                        Polish president coming to Vilnius for Feb. 16 festivities

      2013 01 24 
Butkevicius briefed on language issues next door
                        Voices rise against further EU integration
                        Kubilius happy with tax review team
                        Tallinn not ready to overhaul its education system

      2013 01 22 
Poland's economy should be backed by rate cuts
                        Even superpowers need friends The US Chargé d’Affaires on the Lithuanian-US...
                        Lithuanian Snoras’ ex-owners appear before London court
                        Clinton hopes Lithuania-US partnership continues

      2013 01 18 
Warsaw Stock Exchange fires CEO over violated business ethics
                        Suicides fall under 30,000 for first time in 15 years
                        Algeria hostage crisis brings world to North Africa's anti-Islamist fight
                        Presidential candidates clash in TV duel

      2013 01 17 
Gun debate 101 How would this assault-weapons ban be different
                        Five Japanese oil workers believed seized by al-Qaida-linked Islamists in Algeria
                        Warsaw authorities ban new pub named after incest pervert
                        Flu epidemic hits ČR

      2013 01 16 
Narva witnesses tourist invasion
                        Czech Budvar wins Budweiser trademark in United Kingdom
                        Poland’s annual consumer inflation rate below target of 2.5pct
                        Rinkevics - Latvia ready for improving relations with Russia

      2013 01 15  Lithuania named as one of the top destinations to visit in 2013

                        Syrian regime agrees to exchange 2130 Syrians for 48 Iranians
Tragic events didn’t break confidence in freedom – President Grybauskaite
US not abandoning Europe but wants it to take up more important role...
Building a knowledge-based economic society in Lithuania The role of the Nordic States

      2013 01 14 
Freedom Prize awarded to Lithuanian Freedom League leader Terleckas
                        Georgia would like Lithuania to call it Georgija – formin in Vilnius
Jan 13 bloodshed in Lithuania made Western countries come to senses – Sakalas
Russia’s expanssionist thinking continues – MEP Landsbergis

      2013 01 11 
Cabinet fully competent, says Butkevicius
                        Finance Minister calls for further rate cuts
                        Chinese reporters say censorship leaves them 'dancing in handcuffs'
                        Lithuanian PM wishes for Latvia to introduce euro in 2014

      2013 01 09 
PPF sells Ceska pojistovna to Generali for EUR 2.5bil
                        Fukushima cleanup crews cut corners
                        Revision of this year’s budget bill not excluded
                        In rural India, rapes are common, but justice for victims is not

      2013 01 08 
Authorities identify LGBT March for Equality as one of the challenges for the up...
                        Poland still has room for further interest rate cuts - NBP head tells FT

                        Four reasons Lithuania just isn’t a motherly country
                        Lithuania could develop both nuclear, renewable energy, continue Visaginas...
                        Authorities identify LGBT March for Equality as one of the challenges for the upcoming...
                        Baltic States plan to jointly buy vaccines for 2014-2016
                        Strike paralyzing Estonian Air may be cancelled after a secret meeting...
                        EU backing informal back channel Israeli-Palestinian talks
                        Mayors, teachers remove Klaus's portraits in protest of amnesty
                        Abe's U.S. visit this month now appears unlikely

2013 01 07  As plutonium hoard grows, so do Japan's headaches
                        Poland's flagship airline PLL LOT to cut labor force by one third
                        A Kremlin Christmas Carol Russia’s Scrooge Against The Orphans
                        Abe looking to book spring visit to Russia

      2013 01 04 
Osaka What are your hopes for yourself, Japan and the world in 2013
                        Family issues, emplyoment and investments among priorities for this year
                        Previously unseen photo of teenage Princess Diana scrawled with 'not to...
                        LIDEM wants to discuss future of gov't with ODS, TOP 09

      2013 01 03 
Poland’s Treasury seeks probe of Warsaw bourse’s head
                        LNG gains political value as Japan's needs soar
                        Fatah set to celebrate 48th anniversary in...
                        'Fiscal cliff' deal What will it mean for you

      2013 01 02
  Lithuanians pick Obama as world person of 2012 – poll
                        My first impressions of Vilnius, by Stephanie Conlon
                        Movie Review The Other Dream Team
                        New Govt may not last whole term – President
                        Happy New Year!
 Grybauskaite - Lithuanian people were deceived during N-plant referendum



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